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News Release E-mail Distribution Service

Rules for using News Release E-mail Distribution Service

  • When Mizuho Financial Group news release etc. are placed on the Group's website, this service sends an e-mail, to inform the subscriber of its title and the URL of the Group's website. The information that you input is protected by encrypted SSL transmission. If you would like to use this service, please indicate your agreement to the rules and click on "New Registration."
  • The e-mail address that you register will be used for the e-mail distribution service only.
  • Details of the service may be changed, or the service may be suspended without notification.
  • Service rules may be changed without notification.
  • When several e-mail messages sent to the registered address fail to reach the registrant due to reasons such as the registered address being inaccessible, we may delete the registration.
  • We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to service users resulting from use of the service, or through any inability to use the service normally.
  • Depending on the content of the news release, there may be cases in which e-mails are not distributed.

Handling of private informationPrivacy Policy  by Mizuho Financial Group.

New Registration  Deleting the Content of Registration

If your e-mail address changes, please terminate your existing registration then re-register under the new address.

If you use the cell-phone, you may have some possibilities not to be able to open PDF, or other files.

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